Getting Started with ... data X change...

Follow these four simple steps to X change data with GMB Plastics using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) for large file transfer.

Four Steps

  1. Obtain your corporate username and password for data X change by contacting Jerry Ford at GMB Plastics.
  2. Download and install the suggested FTP software. If you have an FTP tool already installed this step can be skipped.
  3. Login to the GMB data X change site using the ID and password obtained in step one and FTP files to GMB Plastics.
  4. Notify Jerry Ford you have sent files to GMB Plastics' data X change.

Detailed Instructions

Step 1.

Where appropriate, Jerry Ford will provide FTP Username, Password, and FTP Server name in the following format for copying and pasting to the FTP tool:

Step 2.

Install the latest version of FileZilla from this site.

Step 3.

  1. Start the FileZilla program and press ctrl+s to open the Site Manager, select New Site in the Site Manager window and name the site as you wish. On the right side of the site manager window:
    • enter..... as the host
    • select.... ftp -File Transfer Protocol
    • select.... Normal
    • enter..... Username and Password
    • Select.... Connect to connect to FTP server

site manager

  1. Once the Site Manager is configured use ctrl+s to open the Site Manager, select from the available sites and pick Connect.
  2. When connected the local file directory is displayed on the left side and the remote FTP site on the right. Navigate through the local or remote file structure by picking directory folders. Pick the up double dot folder to move up the directory tree.
  3. Right pick in either the local or remote windows to reveal available file handling and up or download tools.
  4. New directories can be created on the remote server to organize files.
  5. Copy files to or from the server with drag and drop or use the right pick in 4. above.

Step 4.

Don't forget to let Jerry Ford know new files have been added to the GMB Plastics FTP Server.